What clients have to say...

Nancy Pugsley

Cindy Wigness at Fitness Authority!  For 11 years, my husband and I met with Cindy twice a week.  Fortunately, we had exercise equipment in our home, and Cindy faithfully came to our home for our hourly workout sessions. 

Our sessions included ~40 minutes of exercises and weights, then 20 minutes of stretching.  It was a wonderful way to start the day – gave us both an energy boost that lasted throughout the day.  Cindy also helped us with exercise rehabilitation after several surgeries.  It’s so comforting to know that you are working with someone who is knowledgeable of the human body and can help you get back to feeling better without causing more pain and discomfort.  Over the years, we had many aches and pains…we just told Cindy about them, and she concentrated on those areas and got us back to feeling like ourselves again.

In 2010, my husband and I realized we needed help with weight loss.  Instead of spending money on NutriSystems or any other of the weight loss programs, we asked Cindy if she could help with food preparation.  She was delighted to do so and even delivered the food to our doorstep!   Believe me, her meals were delicious! Over a period of about 5 months, I dropped 31 pounds and my husband 40 pounds.  I thought I could not go without “sweets” but soon learned through Cindy’s meal planning that I really wasn’t missing sugar…I was amazed. My doctor was so impressed with my weight loss, she asked for Cindy’s information.   

Not only is Cindy educated and experienced in her profession; but over the years, she became and continues to be a dear friend! If you are thinking about your physical well-being, contact Cindy…you won’t be disappointed!

Jannette Davis

I met her several years ago when I was fairly handicapped by a disc problem.  She taught me how to use several exercises to release tight muscles in my back and legs, while also helping to strengthen my overall fitness.  If not for her expertise, I would never be able to walk long distances or work on my overall fitness today. 

Cindy has an intuitive feel for the body and ANY structural complaint.  She is able to hear about a specific problem and immediately calibrate an exercise or posture change to relieve pain.  I have complete confidence in her training and expertise and don’t hesitate to refer any and all people/clients who struggle with unremitting pain.

I cannot overestimate her abilities.  She has helped every member of my Family with advice and guidance with regard to many varied structural problems.  I trust her implicitly, and highly recommend her.


This letter is in regards to Cindy Wigness
Cindy’s abilities to motive me to achieve my goals in weight loss and fitness far exceeded even my own expectations! Cindy came into my home and developed a training program based on my fitness abilities at that time.

As the weeks progressed I noticed an increase in my energy level and my weight started to drop which motivated me more to continue with her program.

Cindy also developed a strengthening program for me due to my poor posture. After 3 months on her program, I now stand straight. I have lost 34 pounds and 3 inches around my waist and 2 inches on my chest.

Cindy always makes herself available to any questions or concerns I have regarding my training as well as making it a very personal and rewarding experience for me.

I highly recommend Cindy for your fitness and weight loss goals.

Sandra Weinrib

Cindy Wigness has been my personal trainer since January.  When I first consulted Cindy, I had doubts about working with a young woman who would not have the benefit of life experience to adequately help me with my particular problems.

Fortunately for me, working with Cindy turned out to be a great asset.  I was delighted to find Cindy totally professional and career-oriented – she cares about health and fitness because it’s her thing in life, with enthusiasm, commitment, and the education, training and experience to back that up.  Further, her natural talent, intelligence and maturity make it easy to forget I am 15 years older than her – I feel I can trust her guidance with respect to both the technical and psychological aspects of helping me achieve my goals.

Most impressive is Cindy’s knowledge and open-mindedness with respect to diverse and progressive methods of general health care.  As a practitioner in the alternative health field, and someone who has personal health problems that have not responded to traditional approaches, it is very beneficial to be able to weigh the pros and cons of various dietary options and health care regimes with an informed and interested trainer.

Lastly, working out with Cindy is lots of fun – she’s always upbeat and in command, has real good energy, a warm nature, good sense of humor, and strikes a wonderful balance between working me hard but not too hard – I’m always looking forward to the next session.

To sum it all up – Cindy is first rate in every way.